Imagine for a moment a world without
politics. Imagine a world without
religions, where people’s views no
longer mattered, where there was no
longer any distinction between old and
young, rich and poor, Atheist or
Believer, liberal or conservative.
Imagine a world where every person was
equal regardless of skin colour or ethnic

The United States and Russia have over
30,000 nuclear devices in their arsenals
as of February 2001. It would take 800
such devices to end most human life on
this planet. In the half-hour between
the launch of the missiles
and the detonation of the
last bomb, it would not be
difficult to imagine a
world where racial,
religious, class, and
national distinctions no
longer mattered. In the
days and weeks after the
bombs, the remaining people
would struggle to survive
in a vastly different environment. The
Earth as well as humankind would bear
the scars of that wound for hundreds if
not thousands of years.

“War. War never changes.”

A Dead World