Name: Jhax (not many people know his real name) Role: Raider Captain
Attributes: STR 6, PER 6, END 6, CHA 7, INT 4, AGI 5, LUC 6,
Derived: APs 7, HPs 40, AC 4, Seq 18, MD 2,
Skills: small guns 113, Melee 47, Unarmed 55, First aid 27, Throwing 47,
Weapons: [Desert Eagle .44, dmg 1d8+10, AP 5, rng 19, rounds 8, ammo type: .44 JHP]
[Spiked Knuckles, dmg 1d10+4+MD, AP 3]
Armor: Combat Armor, AC 20, N 5/40, L 8/60, F 4/30, P 4/50, E 6/40
Inventory: 2x .44 JHP, Girlfriend photo, 3x stimpacks, flare, lighter, 7x Cigarettes, 39x caps, buffout, 2x jet,


Danny “Jhax” Marlon is the leader of a small gang called the “Rad Scorpions.” The gang is only known for the reason that the will attack small caravans passing from Navarro to Redding, other than that, they nothing but an annoyance. Danny is very Charismatic and can get most people to do what he wants, not only because of his “good charms” but also because if you refuse, he will kill you where you stand. Danny has a girl friend, Serah Vorhe, 2nd in command of the gang. Danny absolutely adores her, he worships her and the ground she walks on, although her lack of love for Danny is quite obvious as she has slept with nearly every man in the gang and some of the women, she uses Danny to get what she wants, and Danny is completely oblivious to it.


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